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R&D Project in cooperation with INMA Bucharest

Electroputere VFU Pascani SA signed the financing contract no. 5PTE/2016, with The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI), within PN III, Line 2 – Improvement of competitively of the Romanian economy, trough research, development and innovation.

In this line the first project is of „Transfer to the economic agent” type and has the title of: “Improvement of S.C. ELECTROPUTERE VFU PAȘCANI SA competitively though assimilation in fabrication of an intelligent rolling system, for general and technologic transport equipment”. The project partner is THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH - DEVELOPMENT FOR MACHINES AND INSTALLATIONS DESIGNED TO AGRICULTURE AND FOOD INDUSTRY – INMA.

The established specific objectives have been reached completely, trough the following stages:

Stage 1: Establishing the optimal solution and designing the manufacturing project for the prototype (October – December 2016).

Stage 2: Prototype manufacturing for the rolling system; Prototype testing in real operation conditions; Technical documentation for manufacturing and making of the Technical book (January – December 2017).

Stage 3: Making of technical specification and project finalization. – Making of documentation for manufacturing preparing. Dissemination on large scale of the results and product patent. (January- September 2018).

For results dissemination the two partners have participated to different national and international events, according to the dissemination plan.

The title of the patent request is „ Intelligent rolling system for road transport devices”, Request no.: A00108/20.02.2018.


In this project the basis was a technological maturity TRL 5, represented by previous achievements, in research projects, made by INMA Bucharest, finalized with laboratory experiments and tests and in operating conditions, valid for the experimental model.

At the end of the project, it gets to a technological maturity at real scale, of TRL 6, more precise a prototype of an Intelligent Operating System, presented above, that fulfills all the requirements of the real system and that have been tested in real conditions and similar to the operation ones.


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