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General data

Founded in 1869 by Austrian and polish specialists, Electroputere VFU Pașcani SA, member of Grampet Group, is one of the most important players from the Romanian rolling stock market. The initial purpose of the company was to provide maintenance services to railway vehicles. Together with the privatisation, Electroputere VFU Pașcani got into the railway vehicles modernisation segment, segment where the company is leader on the Romanian market. As result of the investments of more than 30 million Euro, in technology, know-how and human resources and based on the accumulated experience from the reconstructions and modernisations, the company entered in a new stage of development: manufacturing of railway vehicles. In order to highlight this transition the company name was changed from REMAR (Romanian abbreviation for ROLLING STOCK REPAIRS) in Electroputere VFU Pașcani.

Values: Tradition - Quality - Flexibility;

Products and services portfolio:

- Railway vehicles - manufacturing, maintenance, modernisation;

- Assemblies, subassemblies - for rolling stock and related industries;



1869 - is founded the most important railway centre from Romania - CFR Pașcani workshops;

1936-1938 - are being built new workshops and the electrical plant is developed;

1945 - starts the reconstruction and development period after the war;

1969 - takes place and important specialisation process, imposed by the development of the Romanian transports;

1986-1990 - the company took part of the construction of a factory for freight wagons repairing in ALEXANDRIA - EGYPT and also to one for passenger railway vehicles: EL WOSTA - EGIPT;

1992 - the company becomes a share company, with the Romanian state as the main shareholder;

2004 - privatisation of REMAR SA, main shareholder GRUP FEROVIAR ROMAN SA;

2005-2013 - redesign, reconstruction and modernisation of more than 200 railway vehicles for passenger transport (double deck trains, double deck coaches, and saloon) for the Romanian market.

2012 - 2013 - penetration of the DMUs market (reconstruction with modernisation of 5 DMUs D1M for the Moldavian Republic);

2013 - change of name from REMAR SA in ELECTROPUTERE VFU PAȘCANI SA;

2013 - penetration of the tram market (the GT4M reconstructed tram, for Iasi);

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