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Service provider for the rolling stock and related industries

Subassemblies works:

a) Blasting of casted, melded, milled components and hardening spring and sheets springs. Maximum weight of melded parts from 6 to 100 kg; Blasting of plates and profiles with maximum dimensions of: 6.000mm x 3.000mm.

b) Plates cutting:

c) Bar cutting (CNC Vertical saws CNC type KASTO) Materials: steel laminated bar, stainless steel; Maximum working diameter: - 400 mm; Precision of works 0,1 mm, at the maximum diameter;

d) Guillotine cutting (CNC TruShear 3163 - TRUMPF) Materials: steel laminated sheet, stainless steel; Maximum cutting length 3.800 mm; Working thickness: 9 mm at the maximum length; Precision of the cuts: 0,1 mm;

e) CNC Bending:

f) Metal cutting

Production competences:

g) Heat works

h) High frequency current treatment for spinning parts

i) Laser and blow marking

j) Automatic line for coil spring manufacturing, with maximum diameter of the bar of Ø 36 mm; Grinding machine, G+M Dorn; Tooling for spring tests, with measurements sheets (Zwick), force of 170kN, spring diameter of Ø 500mm;

k) Special line for works to axles and wheels

l) Measurement and control

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